Thursday, 30 June 2016

Waiting For a Top of the Pops Like You

They certainly kept us waiting for the 7.30pm show tonight after it was put back an hour without so much of a mention due to some tennis match that BBC2 knocked into BBC4's court at the last second......

You can not be serious!

21-1-82: Presenter: David Jensen

(36) GILLAN – Restless
Became Gillan's final top 30 hit when it peaked at number 25. Still, a nice career awaited him as presenter of that Coast programme years later :-)

 (6) JON & VANGELIS – I’ll Find My Way Home ®
Now at its peak. And edited out of the 7.30 8.30pm showing.

 (14) PHIL LYNOTT – Yellow Pearl (video)
This is as high as the new theme tune got. And they also edited this out too.

 (13) THE MOBILES – Drowning In Berlin
Went up four more places. And edited out of the 8.30pm slot.

Flick Colby's Zoo donned their Starship Trooper outfits for this routine and Ticket to the Moon rose two more places.

 (7) MEAT LOAF – Dead Ringer For Love (video)
A big leap up the chart and a first top ten hit for Meatloaf peaking at number 5.

 (41) XTC – Senses Working Overtime
This represented a real chart peak for the band becoming their only top ten hit when it reached number 10 and taken from their top five album English Settlement.

 (31) ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK – Maid Of Orleans (The Waltz Of Joan Of Arc)
Became the band's fourth (and possibly greatest) top ten hit in a row when it 'maid' it to number 4.

 (18) CHRISTOPHER CROSS – Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) (video)
This American number one, from the Dudley Moore hit movie Arthur, was Christopher's only top ten hit in the UK reaching number 7.

 (8) FOREIGNER – Waiting For A Girl Like You (video)
The band's first top ten hit now at its peak.

 (1) BUCKS FIZZ – The Land Of Make Believe ®
Second and final week at number one for this well disguised anti-Thatcher song.

 (22) SHAKATAK – Easier Said Than Done (crowd dancing) (and credits)
On its way to number 12.

Next up then, tennis permitting, is January 28th 1982.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Top of the Pops of Make Believe

A big thanks once again is due to Neil B for making this first yewtreed edition of 1982 available for us on We Transfer ~

So glad to be back!

14-1-82: Presenter: Dave Lee Travis

(4) DOLLAR – Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)
Another new performance of Mirror Mirror now at its peak.

 (57) ELKIE BROOKS – Fool If You Think It’s Over
A first top 30 hit for over three years for Elkie who took this Chris Rea cover to number 17.

 (13) SHAKIN’ STEVENS – Oh Julie
There was still no stopping Shaky, here he is on his way to his third number one in less than a year.

 (7) ALTERED IMAGES – I Could Be Happy
Another bouncy rendition of I Could Be Happy now at its chart peak.

 (25) THE STRANGLERS – Golden Brown
Here's another act returning to the top 30 after three years absence, and helped out here by Zoo, Golden Brown would become their biggest hit, making it to number 2.

 (3) KOOL & THE GANG – Get Down On It
The UK Amateur Dance Champions perform their routine here to Kool and the Gang, and another record at its peak.

 (23) THE FOUR TOPS – Don’t Walk Away
And now here come the 'professionals' from Zoo with their routine to this follow up to When She Was My Girl, which reached number 16.

 (20) BROWN SAUCE – I Wanna Be A Winner (video)
The Swap Shop team on their way to number 15.

 (10) KRAFTWERK – The Model (video)
With what would become the group's only number one hit.

 (1) BUCKS FIZZ – The Land Of Make Believe
The first of two weeks at the top.

 (19) THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Being Boiled (crowd dancing) (and credits)
A bit of a cash-in on their recent success is this one, but it did reach number 6.

Next up then is the 21st January 1982 on BBC4.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Dead Ringer For Top of the Pops

Happy new year everyone and welcome to Top of the Pops 1982!

Vee have vays of making eu dance...

7-1-82: Presenter: Peter Powell

(25) PHIL LYNOTT – Yellow Pearl (danced to by Zoo)
We begin 1982 where we left off in 1981, with the Lynott/Ure new theme tune, danced to here by Zoo, who were giving it a bit of muscle, helping it on its way to a peak of number 14.

(12) FOREIGNER – Waiting For A Girl Like You (video)
Edited out of the 7.30pm showing.

(US 1981 7) DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES – Kiss On My List (video)
(US 1981 5) RICK SPRINGFIELD – Jessie’s Girl (video)
(US 1981 1) KIM CARNES – Bette Davis Eyes (video)
Jonathan King's US chart rundown slot was also edited out.

(62) ALTON EDWARDS – I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)
I don't remember this one at all, but it made it to number 20 and was Alton's only hit.

(30) MEAT LOAF – Dead Ringer For Love (video)
The first single from his number one album, Dead Ringer, this song became Meatloaf's first top ten hit when it reached number 5. The song was co-written by an uncredited Cher, who also shares the vocals.

(48) THE MOBILES – Drowning In Berlin
A sort of I'm in Love with a German Filmstar part two, and like the latter it also proved to be a quite atmospheric one hit wonder, peaking at number 9. Our very sharply dressed host tipped them to be one of the biggest acts of 1982....

(42) SHAKATAK – Easier Said Than Done
Making their debut in the studio tonight are jazz funk legends Shakatak with a tune that became their first top 20 hit when it peaked at number 12.

(9) JON & VANGELIS – I’ll Find My Way Home
Also making their studio debut here with what was to be their second and final top ten hit when it made number 6.

(1) THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Don’t You Want Me
A new silly string free studio performance now for their fifth and final week at number one.

(4) MADNESS – It Must Be Love (crowd dancing) (and credits)
This Labi Siffre cover was now at its chart peak.

Next up is 14th January 1982, but this is our first Yewtree casualty of the year, being hosted by DLT. So instead BBC4 will show January 21st with David Jensen, which will be next Thursday.

Friday, 17 June 2016

It's My Top of the Pops Party

And so we come to the end of 1981, if somewhat earlier than originally anticipated, with this edition from New Year's Eve featuring (mainly on video) all the number ones of the year including the current one. There are no new studio performances here, just repeats, but at least with Green Door we do get to say one last goodbye to Legs & Co, and reflect on all the major changes that occurred during this quite exceptional Top of the Pops year.

Happy New Year!

31/12/81 (hosted by Mike Read)

Shakin’ Stevens – “This Ole House” (video)
Adam & The Ants – “Stand & Deliver” (video)
John Lennon – “Imagine” (video)
Roxy Music – “Jealous Guy” (video)
Aneka – “Japanese Boy” (rpt from 13/08/81)
The Police – “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” (video)
The Specials – “Ghost Town” (rpt from 02/07/81)
Joe Dolce Music Theatre – “Shaddap You Face” (video)
Julio Iglesias – “Begin The Beguine” (video)
Bucks Fizz – “Making Your Mind Up” (rpt)
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin – “It’s My Party” (video)
Michael Jackson – “One Day In Your Life” (stills)
Smokey Robinson – “Being With You” (video)
Shakin’ Stevens – “Green Door” (rpt from 13/08/81)
Soft Cell – “Tainted Love” (rpt from 13/08/81)
John Lennon – “Woman” (video)
Adam & The Ants – “Prince Charming” (video)
(1) The Human League – “Don’t You Want Me” (video)
Queen & David Bowie – “Under Pressure” (stills/credits)

Next up then is The Story of 1982, followed by Big Hits 1982, and then its January 7th 1982!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

All You Need is Top of the Pops

Many season's greetings to SB for making this Christmas Day 1981 edition of Top of the Pops available on Vimeo. It won't be shown on BBC4 because one of the hosts is Jimmy Savile, so do not click the link if you wish to avoid him.

Top of the Pops is all you need

25/12/81 (hosted by Radio 1 DJs)

The Teardrop Explodes – “Reward”

Julian gets the show underway still wearing his nightshirt!

Ultravox – “Vienna”
Midge goes all leather and chains to impress the ballerina!

Kim Wilde – “Kids In America” 

Tony Blackburn returns to introduce Kim who has got her band and her tight jeans back.

The Human League – “Love Action (I Believe In Love)”
Phil's got his long hair back and John Peel makes his first TOTPs link for eleven years.

Godley & Crème – “Under Your Thumb” 

The boys seem to have developed a smoking problem!

Kirsty MacColl – “There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis” 
Adrian Juste makes a rare appearance and Kirsty gets on the show despite this one not even making the top ten. Not that I'm complaining.

Dave Stewart & Colin Blunstone – “What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?” 

With the way the DJs are individually introducing each act, you do wonder if BBC4 couldn't have easily edited out Jimmy Savile and DLT?

The Jacksons – “Can You Feel It?”
The Kids from Fa.... ~ no it's Zoo dancing to the Jacksons.

Linx – “Intuition”

I wonder if Carrie was in the studio?

The Beat – “Too Nice To Talk To” 

That's one busy stage!

Spandau Ballet – “Chant No.1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)” 
Paul Gambaccini introduces the leather clad Spandau Ballet.

Toyah – “It’s A Mystery” 
What has she done to her hair this time?

Laurie Anderson – “O Superman”
A chance to see a song that wasn't featured on the show at the time ~ and it is given quite an extraordinary performance by Zoo.

Altered Images – “Happy Birthday”

John Peel predicts they will be the 'biggest band in 1982' .....
Great song though.

Depeche Mode – “Just Can’t Get Enough” 

Vince is still with the band then. But why couldn't they have performed New Life to compliment the blog 35 years later?

OMD – “Souvenir”
Another chance for Paul to shine.

Shakin’ Stevens – “You Drive Me Crazy” 

Shaky's wondering where Legs & Co have gone.

Everyone – “All You Need Is Love” (+ credits)
This amazing show ends with an almighty sing along to the Beatles classic ~ was the music supplied by the return of the TOTPs orchestra?

Next up then is New Years Eve 1981.

I Wish It Could Be Top of the Pops Everyday

As if Christmas Eve isn't exciting enough as it is, but how about having a sensational live edition of Top of the Pops as well!

Happy SillyStringmas!

24/12/81 (hosted David Jensen)

(41) Wizzard – “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”

Roy Wood gets the party started with this re-release of his top 3 hit from eight years previous, but this time number 41 was its peak.

(4) Adam & The Ants – “Ant Rap” (video)

The first victim of tonight's 7.30pm edit.

(45) Elvis Costello & The Attractions – “Sweet Dreams”

Putting the chill-out into Christmas Eve, but this follow up to Good Year for the Roses failed to break into the top 40.

(5) Bucks Fizz – “The Land Of Make Believe”

It looks like someone has started to gift wrap Cheryl but very quickly ran out of paper!

(12) The Police – “Spirits In The Material World” (rpt from 10/12/81)

Also edited out of tonight's 7.30pm slot.

(26) Kool & The Gang – “Get Down On It”

The whole Zoo has turned up tonight to Get Down On It, which became Kool's biggest hit to date when it made it to number 3.

(3) Abba – “One Of Us” (video)

And the last of tonight's 7.30pm victims.

(20) Altered Images – “I Could Be Happy”

Looking very happy here are Clare and the boys, tipped for big things in 1982 by David Jensen, and this song became their second of three top ten hits when it peaked at number 7.

(9) Dollar – “Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)”
A new studio performance now from Dollar of the Trevor Horn written and produced Mirror Mirror which reached number 4.

(1) The Human League – “Don’t You Want Me”
It's live, it's Xmas Eve, so what a way to end this blockbusting show with the Human League turning up to perform 1981's Christmas number one. Worth every strand of silly string you can squirt into your mouth!

(47) Philip Lynott – “Yellow Pearl”  (audience dancing/credits)
And we end with the show's fabulous new theme tune, which would soon become a top 20 hit.
Merry Christmas everybody!

So that's it for 1981's regular editions. There's just the Xmas Day and New Years Eve specials to come. But the first of those is yewtreed. So tomorrow on BBC4 we will see December 31st, immediately followed by The Story of 1982, and then Big Hits 1982!

Friday, 10 June 2016

The Hokey Cokey Top of the Pops

Just a few days before this edition of Top of the Pops was originally shown, Muhammed Ali fought his last ever fight (against Trevor Berbick), and now, by one of those strange quirks of history, he has fought one more last ever fight just a few days before this show was repeated 35 years later.

Is it just me, or is it hot in here?

17/12/81 (hosted by Simon Bates)

(14) Duran Duran – “My Own Way”

Now at its chart peak.

(2) Cliff Richard – “Daddy’s Home” (live clip/audience dancing)

Try as he might, there was no way Cliff could dislodge the Human League from the number one spot. Daddy's Home was stuck at number 2 for four weeks.

(36) Chas & Dave – “Stars Over 45”

Darn, I was looking forward to this one, but it was edited out of the 7.30pm slot.

(8) Godley & Crème – “Wedding Bells”

Its a studio performance this time, and more of a walkabout than a dance routine, with Kevin having major difficulties with his bride, and Lol in the background looking like he might live up to his name at any moment.

(64) Brown Sauce – “I Wanna Be A Winner” (video)
Those squirts at BBC4 have edited this one out of the 7.30 show too!

(23) Rod Stewart – “Young Turks” (video)

Peaked at number 11 for Rod.

(40) The Snowmen – “Hokey Cokey”

Sliding all the way to number 18 in the charts was the silly Xmas party record of the year ~ the identities of the people behind this remain a case for Mulder & Scully to this day.

(26) Jon & Vangelis – “I’ll Find My Way Home”
Here's Sue from Legs & Co being given one final dance routine as a thank you from Flick Colby, since it was deemed that the Birdie Song was not a fitting send off. (Lucky she wasn't given the Hokey Cokey!). It also means that Sue has the distinction of having danced for Pan's People, Ruby Flipper, Legs & Co and now, for one time only, Zoo. The song by the way, made it to number 6.

(12) Status Quo – “Rock ‘N’ Roll”  (rpt from 03/12/81)

This was the final Top of the Pops performance by the original line-up of the Quo, and the song made it to number 8.

(1) The Human League – “Don’t You Want Me” (video)

Second of five weeks at number one.

(29) Altered Images – “I Could Be Happy” (audience dancing/credits)

Here's the very catchy follow-up to the very catchy Happy Birthday, and it peaked at number 7.

Next up then is the edition from Xmas Eve 1981.

It Must Be Top of the Pops

Many thanks once again to Neil B for coming to the rescue and making this quite unmissable edition of Top of the Pops from December 10th 1981 available at 4shared.
The show is hosted by Jimmy Savile so obviously do not click the link if you wish to avoid him.

Neil has also put this show on WeTransfer ~

How tattyfilarious to be on Top of the Pops!

10/12/81 (hosted by Jimmy Savile) 

(35) Showaddywaddy – “Footsteps”

The Waddys get the show underway with their penultimate chart hit, which peaked at 31. Was this their last ever time on the show?

(7) Madness – “It Must Be Love” (video)

Rounding off a run of nine consecutive top ten hits when it peaked at number 4.

(26) Dollar – “Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)”

Became the duo's first top ten hit for two years when it reached number 4. Liking the Cinderella look!

(-) Ken Dodd – “Hold My Hand”
Here to promote his new tv series with what became his final chart hit (to date!) when it made number 44. Well, it was nearly Christmas.

(9) Adam & The Ants – “Ant Rap” (video)

Amazing celebrity packed video from the Ants for what was in fact the final top ten hit for the group before Adam went solo. It made it to number 3.

(24) Bucks Fizz – “The Land Of Make Believe”

What a totally brilliant song and perfectly timed for Christmas ~ and loving those outfits! Made it to number one of course.

(28) The Police – “Spirits In The Material World”
The Police return to the Top of the Pops studio for the first time in over two years to perform the third single in quick succession from their number one album Ghost in the Machine. This song made it to number 12.

(11) Abba – “One Of Us” (video)
Taken from their magnificently dark final studio album, The Visitors, this was, incredibly, Abba's final ever top ten hit peaking at number 3.

(1) The Human League – “Don’t You Want Me” (video)

Phil Oakey didn't think this was good enough to release as a single. Now here it was with its first of four weeks at number one, outselling all other singles released in 1981, and all other singles the band ever released.

(-) Philip Lynott – “Yellow Pearl” (audience dancing/credits)

We play out of this terrific edition with members of Zoo giving it some to the new theme tune, which made it to number 14.

So, tonight on BBC4 then we will see December 17th 1981.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Top of the Pops You Want Me

Well I hope everyone is putting up their Christmas decorations now because we have reached December 3rd 1981!

Phil can hardly contain his joy at finally being on a non-yewtreed show

03/12/81 (hosted by David Jensen)

(34) Bad Manners – “Buona Sera”

Buster goes all Latin here with a typically energetic effort but the song rose no higher.

(4) Soft Cell – “Bedsitter”

Marc goes all leather here for this studio performance of Bedsitter but this song was now also at its chart peak.

(27) Status Quo – “Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Edited out of tonight's 7.30 pm slot.

(26) Duran Duran – “My Own Way”
Duran Duran round off a successful debut year with perhaps one of their least known hits, although it did quite well reaching number 14.

Jonathan King – US chart rundown:
Journey – “Don’t Stop Believing” (live clip)
Rod Stewart – “Young Turks” (video clip)
Olivia Newton-John – “Physical” (video clip)

Not too surprisingly this section was edited out of the 7.30pm showing.

(5) Diana Ross – “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”

Well, Zoo go all Legs & Co this week for this fun routine which maybe helped Diana Ross go up one place higher in the charts.

(21) Godley & Crème – “Wedding Bells” (video)

But who would have thought that the week's best dance routine would be performed by Godley & Crème! Nice suits too. Wedding Bells though proved to be their second and final top ten hit peaking at number 7.

(20) Fun Boy Three – “The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)”

More like the lunatics have taken over the garden centre! The boys seem to have brought along the contents of their greenhouse this week but the song could not grow any further up the charts.

(9) The Human League – “Don’t You Want Me” (video)

At long last the Human League manage to make it onto BBC4 in 1981, after their three previous hits all ended up on yewtreed editions. And just in time for Christmas too.

(1) Julio Iglesias – “Begin The Beguine” (video/credits)

And as David Jensen mentioned it really is 'hasta la vista' from Julio here with his first and final week at number one.

Talking of yewtree, the next edition, December 10th 1981, is hosted by Jimmy Savile. So tomorrow on BBC4 it will be December 17th.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Good Morning Top of the Pops

And as if by magic (or the showing of two editions per week) we find ourselves reaching the end of November 1981, and the first hints of the Christmas season soon to come.

I must put my decorations up at the weekend...

26/11/81 (hosted by Mike Read)

(25) The Jets – “Yes Tonight Josephine”
The family of Shaking Stevens lookalikes get us off to a rocking start this week, and dancing behind them in the audience is indeed the unmistakable figure of Boy George! This tune by the way was now at its chart peak.

(3) Earth, Wind & Fire – “Let’s Groove” (video)
The band's final top ten hit, now at its peak.

(23) Toyah – “Good Morning Universe”
This might make your hair stand on end, but Good Morning Universe was Toyah's final top 20 hit when it peaked at number 14.

(15) Cliff Richard – “Daddy’s Home” (video)
Who else was wondering if they would show this? Well it is nearly Xmas, so you've got to have a bit of Cliff - and as things got more xmassy over the next month, Daddy's Home climbed up to number 2.

(28) Imagination – “Flashback”
The one edit from tonight's 7.30pm show.

(18) Ultravox – “The Voice” (video)
The second single from their top 4 album Rage in Eden, The Voice went up two more places.

(24) Kim Wilde – “Cambodia”
She seems to have got rid of her band, but Cambodia rounded off a highly successful 1981 for Kim when it peaked at number 12.

(14) Kool & The Gang – “Steppin’ Out”
Looking a little bit 70's here in their matching outfits, Steppin' Out went up two more places.

(1) Queen & David Bowie – “Under Pressure” (audience dancing/credits)
Mike Read informs us that Queen and David Bowie hadn't yet made a video so Top of the Pops had to put a few images together themselves of things blowing up and the like. And next week would be too late because there would be a new number one.
The next edition then is from December 3rd 1981 with David Jensen.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Lunatics (Have Taken Over Top of the Pops)

And so as Steve Wright introduces Top of the Pops from November 19th we find we have just five more broadcastable editions of 1981 left, and a couple of yewtreed ones.

Don't you just love these latest specials effects?

19/11/81 (hosted by Steve Wright)

(17) Modern Romance – “Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey”

Getting the show underway for a second time with this song which was still conga-ing its way towards its number 10 peak.

(3) Julio Iglesias – “Begin The Beguine” (video)

Julio was there with Steve in the studio talking about his Cambridge days but for some reason we got shown the video again rather than a studio performance!

(12) Pretenders – “I Go To Sleep”

A song of course famously written by Ray Davies but never recorded by the Kinks. It became the third of six top ten hits for the Pretenders when it reached number 7.

(26) ABC – “Tears Are Not Enough”  (rpt from 05/11/81)

Edited out of tonight's 7.30pm showing.

(19) Diana Ross – “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?” (video)

A cover of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers' 1956 number one, Diana dances her way around Las Vegas until this version peaked at number 4.

(30) Fun Boy Three – “The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)”

And so four months after leaving the Specials (just enough time for Terry to grow his hair) we have the debut of the Fun Boy Three, though with maybe not quite as big a hit as they were expecting ~ peaking at number 20.

(29) Trevor Walters – “Love Me Tonight”
With a little help from Zoo here, this went up two more places.

(13) Soft Cell – “Bedsitter” (video)

Following up their monster number one Tainted Love with a very messy looking London bedroom that's probably now worth about a million quid! Bedsitter peaked at number 4.

(1) Queen & David Bowie – “Under Pressure”

It had entered the chart at number 8 the previous week, and here were Zoo performing the number one song in a quite random and rag bag manner. What would Legs & Co have thought!

(31) The Jets – “Yes Tonight Josephine” (audience dancing/credits)

Managed to fly into the top 30 but landed at number 25.

Tomorrow on BBC4 we reach November 26th 1981.