Thursday, 27 February 2014

Keep on Dancin' ......... it's Top of the Pops 1st March 1979 :-)

ITV tried to tempt us with the following distractions ~  6.35 Crossroads 7.00 The Bionic Woman 8.00 Robin's Nest 8.30 TV Eye 9.00 Show jumping From Birmingham 10.00 News At Ten

But meanwhile over on BBC1 ~ 6.55 Tomorrow's World 7.20 Top of the Pops 7.55 Blankety Blank 8.30 Potter 9.00 News 9.25 The Good Old Days 10.15 Omnibus

So it just had to be......

1-3-79: Presenter: Mike Read

(29) THE CARS – Just What I Needed (and charts)
(20) THE SKIDS – Into The Valley
(4) GLORIA GAYNOR – I Will Survive (video)
(46) THIN LIZZY – Waiting For An Alibi
(23) GARY’S GANG – Keep On Dancin’ (danced to by Legs & Co)
(28) QUEEN – Don’t Stop Me Now (video)
(25) CHIC – I Want Your Love
(40) VIOLINSKI – Clog Dance
(8) LENE LOVICH – Lucky Number ®
(26) BONEY M – Painter Man (video)
(55) DAVID ESSEX – Imperial Wizard
(1) THE BEE GEES – Tragedy (danced to by Legs & Co) ®
(24) THE SEX PISTOLS – Something Else (and credits)

The Cars ~ 'drive' over the credits this week, with a tune that parked at number 17.

The Skids ~ very aptly following the Cars, with a particularly energetic high kicking performance - goodness knows how it would have sounded if frontman Richard Jobson was singing this live, but for a band who hated the show, here they were for a second time looking like they were having quite some fun.

Gloria Gaynor ~ the disc slipping roller disco former B side karaoke classic emotionally pirouetting its way here to the number one slot.

Thin Lizzie ~ were named after 'Tin Lizzie' a character in the Dandy comic. This particular korker made it to number 9.

Gary's Gang ~ a New York outfit with their only UK top 40 hit, danced to here by Legs & Co wearing what seems to be a cross between air hostess uniforms and wedding dresses! The song reminds me more than a little of Van McCoy (the Shuffle/Hustle).

Queen ~ Freddie looking a little uncomfortable playing the piano whilst standing, you either need very short legs or very long arms to pull that one off. This driving tune classic only made it to number 9 for Queen but McFly put their foot down and took it to number 1 in 2006.

Chic ~ with a very strong follow up to Le Freak, infact this song became their biggest UK hit reaching number 4.

Violinksi ~ was edited out of the 7.30 show ~ gutted about that I love this tune - I had my clogs on all ready to dance to it and everything! You'll have to stay up till quarter to two in the morning to see it on the unedited version ~ or just wait for it to come on iplayer.

Lene Lovich ~ oh oh uh oh! - also edited out, but a least we have previously seen this performance.

Boney M ~ clearly expecting some very cold weather judging from their apparel - maybe this performance was from 'Snowtime Special' ? - singing a song co-written by Kenny Pickett, who also co-wrote the lovely 'Grandad' for Clive Dunn

David Essex ~ I don't recall ever hearing this song before, but tonight I thought it was really quite impressive. David had 19 top 40 hits in the UK, this one just about became one of them, when it reached (a far too low surely) number 32.

The Bee Gees ~ it seems all they sent along for the show was about 3 photos of themselves, so it's down to a repeat of Legs & Co (from last week's banned DLT show) to interpret this week's new number one. And they did it as sad clowns, with one of them (Gill?) being shot in time to that explosion noise that Barry made when he got too near the mic. But it was ok because she woke up again with a big smile at the end :-)

The Sex Pistols ~ play out over the credits, with a song featuring the vocals of the totally infamous Sid Vicious, who had died a month earlier.

Next week it's the 9th of March, and David Jensen is the host.

Get it..... Top of the Pops 22nd February 1979!

Here is the edition of Top of the Pops that won't be shown tonight on BBC4 due to the continuing case of DLT....

Top of the Pops 22nd February 1979

Many thanks once again to Darnall 42 for giving us all the choice of viewing this :-)

22-2-79: Presenter: Dave Lee Travis

(14) JUDAS PRIEST – Take On The World (and charts)
(18) THE REAL THING – Can You Feel The Force
(11) ROD STEWART – Ain’t Love A Bitch (video)
(2) THE BEE GEES – Tragedy (danced to by Legs & Co)
(12) GENE CHANDLER – Get Down (footage from Soul Train 20-1-79)
(13) THE MEMBERS – The Sound Of The Suburbs
(25) DARTS – Get It ®
(22) NAZARETH – May The Sun Shine ®
(1) BLONDIE – Heart Of Glass (video)
(15) MEAT LOAF – Bat Out Of Hell (and credits)

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Stop Your Sobbing It's Top of the Pops 1979

BBC1 15/02/79 6.20 Nationwide 6.55 Tomorrow's World 7.20 Top of the Pops 7.55 Blankety Blank 8.30 Butterflies 9.00 News 9.25 The Good Old Days...........

15-2-79: Presenter: Peter Powell

(7) THE BEE GEES – Tragedy (and charts)
(54) THE DOOLEYS – Honey I’m Lost
(11) GENERATION X – King Rocker ®
(6) EDWIN STARR – Contact (danced to by Legs & Co)
(39) ALAN PRICE – Baby Of Mine
(30) PEACHES & HERB – Shake Your Groove Thing (video)
(46) THE PRETENDERS – Stop Your Sobbing
(21) GLORIA GAYNOR – I Will Survive (video)
(62) LENE LOVICH – Lucky Number
(3) THE THREE DEGREES – Woman In Love (video)
(50) THE SKIDS – Into The Valley
(1) BLONDIE – Heart Of Glass (video)
(17) THIRD WORLD – Cool Meditation (and credits)

The Bee Gees ~ play over the chart rundown - they just weren't interested in being on the show at this time were they?

The Dooleys ~ a number 24 hit for this brother and sisters act ~ much better was soon to come...

Generation X ~ with their number 11 biggest hit ~ band members Bob Andrews and Tony James both went on to have bigger hits in the 80's with Sigue Sigue Sputnick and Westworld respectively.

Edwin Starr ~ his first band was a ‘50s doo-wop group called The Future-Tones

Alan Price ~ ex member of the legendary Animals of House of the Rising Sun fame - but this song made it to 32 in the charts

Peaches and Herb ~ were Herbert Feemster and Linda Greene, although there were quite a few other Peaches over the years

The Pretenders ~ with a Kinks cover, Chrissie Hynde was in a relationship with Ray Davies at the time.

Gloria Gaynor ~ sings a maga classic disco hit written by Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren, who also wrote Peaches & Herb’s Shake Your Groove Thing ~ not a bad week then.

Lene Lovich ~ with a tune that went on to be a number 3 smash, was born in Detroit, but spent her teenage years living in Hull, after her English mum ran away from her Yugoslavian dad! Duff duff duff........

The Three Degrees ~ the video this time, what a smash this was for them, where did Twiggy go wrong?

The Skids ~ with another song about the troubles in Northern Ireland - it got them to number 10.

Blondie ~ yes, it's still number one :-)

Third World ~ play us out over the credits this week with what became a number 17 hit.

Next week's show still hangs in the balance a bit ~ it could be the return of DLT to our screens, we'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

I Was Made for Top of the Pops!

It's the 8th of February 1979 and over on BBC1 tonight we have : 6.20 Nationwide 6.55 Tomorrow's World 7.20 Top of the Pops 7.55 Blankety Blank 8.30 Butterflies 9.00 News 9.25 What Kind Of Society?

And right now, it's 7.20, and time for.....

Top of the Pops!
8-2-79: Presenter: David Jensen

(17) DAN HARTMAN – This Is It (and charts)
(58) MICK JACKSON – Weekend
(29) ROD STEWART – Ain’t Love A Bitch (video)
(2) ABBA – Chiquitita (danced to by Legs & Co)
(5) THE SHADOWS – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
(13) DR. FEELGOOD – Milk And Alcohol
(7) LEIF GARRETT – I Was Made For Dancin’ (video)
(50) DARTS – Get It
(20) JUDAS PRIEST – Take On The World
(39) THE JACKSONS – Destiny
(1) BLONDIE – Heart Of Glass (video)
(21) GENE CHANDLER – Get Down (and credits)

Dan Hartman ~ plays over the credits this week

Mick Jackson ~ incredibly in the charts, at the same time for the second time, with the other Mick Jackson, though with different songs on this occasion. This one's a bit lame, especially compared to Blame it on the Boogie, and was lucky even to get to 38 in the charts. Cool onesie though :-)

Rod Stewart ~ impersonating Kenny Everett again here, this time even down to the bum tight leopard skin trousers! This song completely passed me by at the time, indeed tonight was the first time I can say I ever heard it - but it did get to number 11. And he was on this week's cover of Smash Hits -
A quick studio appearance now by new permanent British resident, Micky Dolenz, who was 'monkeying around'

Abba ~ Here's Legs & Co doing one of their in and out of the scenery dance routines, this time in long, flowing Spanish dresses. 'Chiquitita' is a Spanish compliment for a woman and means 'little one.'

Elvis Costello ~ with his ultra mega classic biggest hit, with Abba inspired rippling piano, about the troubles in Northern Ireland.

The Shadows ~ were edited out of the 7.30 showing, as were...

Dr. Feelgood ~ how could they edit this one out? But you can still catch both of these on the 12.50 am showing.

Leif Garrett ~ the Justin Bieber of his day was only 17 years old at the time of this very catchy Michael Lloyd tune, and was soon to get involved in car crashes, drink, drugs and police arrests.........

Darts ~ A second lead vocal single for Rita Ray, singing a song written by band member Horatio Hornblower.

Judas Priest ~ provide some 'heavy rock' in the shape of stadium anthem Take on the World, which became a number 12 hit for them. Singer Rob Halford dressed here for a Village People audition maybe :-)

The Jacksons ~ Not only in the charts at the same time again, but now even on the same show as the other Mick Jackson. In fact, they even stayed in the same hotel! The Jacksons won the battle of the Boogie but this time they lost out to Mick by one place in the charts, Destiny only reached 39.

Blondie ~ second week at number one and first showing for the famous video. Heart of Glass went on to sell 1.28 million copies in the UK, making it the 56th best seller of all time in Britain.

Gene Chandler ~ plays over the credits this week with a song that would go on to reach number 11.

Top of the Pops 79 takes a Sky at Night rest next week, so returns in two weeks time when energetic Peter Powell will be the presenter.