Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Love Your

Love your hat
love your shoes
love your collection
of Winnie the Poos

Love your feet
love your hands
love your taste
in 60's bands

Love your mouth
love your ears
love your willingness
to drink my beers

Love your elbows
love your knees
love your fondness
for cream teas

Love your nose
love your chin
love your chair
you're sitting in

Love your hair
love your socks
love your passion
for picking locks

Love your wisdom
love your words
love your singing
when you feed the birds

Love your teeth
love your spine
love your carpet
where you spilt the wine

Love your music
love your laugh
love your marks
around my bath

Love your ankles
love your car
love your light
my little star.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

When the Moon was Alive

When the moon was alive
It danced all night
And gave those pixies
A delightful sight.

When the moon was alive
You could go to the store
And buy some moonbeams
To light up your floor.

When the moon was alive
It howled with the dogs
Then leapt in the water
To croak like the frogs.

When the moon was alive
Everything was better
The sky was more blue
And water was wetter.

The night the moon died
God got the sack
The angels flew off
And all went black.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I Love the Clarets!

Here's a song I wrote and the video I made for it!